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INOXPA introduces the new BMA magnetic agitator range

INOXPA introduces the new BMA magnetic agitator range

INOXPA’s new BMA magnetic agitator range is an innovative and highly hygienic solution for dispersion, dissolution, homogenisation, and solid and liquid product mixing applications. They are characterised by efficient performance, even in small volumes.

BMA magnetic agitators are notable for the magnetic coupling system that prevents any risk of leakage. They are easy to clean and sterilise using CIP and SIP procedures. 

These agitators are particularly useful for sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food-processing sectors because their magnetic coupling system prevents any possible contact with the environment and avoids the need for a mechanical coupling system.

Their operating principle means they are highly capable of distributing a range of products homogeneously in any volume of liquid. The impeller moves and distributes products homogeneously, providing better circulation with a reduced risk of damaging the product.

Using INOXPA’s magnetic agitators is highly recommendable and practical when space is limited at the top of the tank or a more hygienic solution is required.

The range comprises 11 models for different tank capacities of up to 30,000 litres for medium mixing or product maintenance.  

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