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PROLAC HCP and SLR pumps obtained the 3-A sanitary certificate

PROLAC HCP and SLR pumps obtained the 3-A sanitary certificate

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. is an organisation from the United States of America that evaluates machine and equipment design for use in the dairy, food, drinks, and pharmaceutical industries. Issued by 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc., 3-A certification is a worldwide renowned hygiene standard, ensuring the highest safety and hygiene. The PROLAC HCP centrifugal pump and SLR rotary lobe pump ranges can now include the 3-A quality symbol. Specifically, INOXPA obtained standard 02-11.

It is worth noting that these pumps achieved 3-A certification for their standard version, with few changes made. In simple terms, this means buyers will obtain a significant price benefit, as no additional costs are required.

The sanitary certification guarantee of quality

In addition to assuring hygiene and safety, this hallmark ensures quick and simple pump handling, enabling cleaning and inspection processes.

INOXPA underwent a thorough certification process in our facilities in order to obtain the 3-A certificate, testing compliance with the established 3-A Sanitary Standards requirements. This independent inspection, called Third Party Verification, ensures independent authorisation, protecting the integrity of the symbol, and indicating the high quality level behind the seal.

The award includes a unique authorisation number too. Code 3563 is a publicly available guarantee for online verification of the authorisation granted to INOXPA to use and display these products with the 3-A quality symbol.

PROLAC HCP, a pump range notable for its hygienic design and superior efficiency

The 3-A certificate has been awarded to PROLAC HCP centrifugal pumps, designed for use in the main treatment processes for food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical products. Known for its hygienic design, the range has EHEDG certification, ensuring comprehensive pump cleaning using CIP, without requiring disassembly. It complies with the FDA, EC 1935/2004 and an ATEX version is available too.

The PROLAC HCP centrifugal pump range is very extensive, given that there are twelve models, meaning the closest BEP (best efficiency point) model is easy to encounter. Other notable aspects include its compact construction, reduced NPSH, high performance (up to 74% depending on the model, making it one of the most efficient on the market in its category), only two mechanical seal diameters for the entire range, and the double seal, which consists of two single seals, meaning lower stocks of spare parts. These characteristics make PROLAC HCP a unique pump on the market.

Drawing on their extensive pharmaceutical sector experience, INOXPA designed a PROLAC HCP pump with options our customers require most (Ra<0.5, USP Class VI, materials certification): the PROLAC HCP-WFI pump. Specifically conceived for pumping purified water and water for injections, it adapts to the high standards this market requires.

SLR, a safe hygienic rotary lobe pump

The 3-A certificate adds to the SLR pump’s existing certifications. Specifically, the SLR lobe rotor pump complies with FDA, EC 1935/2004 and an ATEX version is available too.

This pump is one of the INOXPA rotary lobe pump range, along with the HLR rotary lobe pump (EHEDG certified), the SLRT rotary lobe pump (for use on trucks), and the TLS rotary lobe pump (compact close-coupled design).

The HCP and SLR pumps are ideal for facilities requiring a high level of hygiene and high performance due to their designs, materials, and certificates.

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